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I grew up in Illinois in a small town. I moved to California in May of 2000.In that time I have experienced life, love and my passion for cooking. We now live in Nevada. I hope to take my passion for cooking to a new level.


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Monday, November 26, 2012

Asian Tacos

Sriracha chicken cut into cubes- I always have some left over from my crispy sriracha chicken recipe.

1 package Guerrero corn tortillas

1 pan of white rice- I use Jasmine rice from Trader Joes

Bok choy- rinsed and thinly sliced

Nori seasoning

Wasabi sauce


Start by making your rice according to the instructions on the bag. While the rice is cooking chop up your chicken into cubes. Next chop up your bok choy. When the rice is done it is time to assemble your tacos.

I take my tortilla and toast it over the flame on the stove. Then I add my rice, nori seasoning, chicken, bok choy and then my wasabi sauce and sriracha. Thats it! now enjoy.

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